Monday, January 11, 2016

Recovery : After 10 Months & 8 Days

I am already near to a year after my surgery. Recovery been good. There are, of course, ups and downs with my recovery progress.

At Month 9 of my recovery, my therapists had got me started to run on the treadmill. I started with speed 3.5 and gradually increase the speed and now I am slowly jogging and limping (yes, I limp) and walking, all at the same time at speed 5.3 (this is my maximum speed so far).

I cannot jog for too long. And when I said long, the duration is like about 2 minutes. The jogging regime is pretty frustrating at times because I want to jog the longest possible time like at least for 2 minutes before I stop for brisk walking. To this very point, it has yet to materialized.

The goal is there still and I am not giving up. The goal I laid out to my orthopedic doctor was to gain mobility that a normal person has. That was basically the idea of this long ordeal I need to go through.

My weight has been going up and down pretty much like a yoyo. I tried my best to keep my weight below 64 kg. This is the maximum weight that my knees can take and nothing more. The best record I have with my weight is 61.2 kg. That was before Christmas last year. Last Saturday, I was standing at 61.8kg. The week before was the bad one where I stood at 62.8 kg. It was bad and I need not need to stand on the weighing scale to know I had put on weight because my calves were tight and my knees were aching a little bit.

Should I say I have the best weight trigger of all time? Maybe. Looking at the bright side of it is that I need not need a weighing scale to tell me that I put on weight.

Now is payback time. Drink more water. Much lesser carb intake. And yes, more sweating need to be done.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week 23rd of Recovery : Not Relying on the Cane

It has been two weeks that I have not held my cane. Yes, I am cane-less now. And I am praying that I can be totally cane-less once and for all.

My colleagues are so supportive of me throughout the period of recovering. And whenever I tag along for lunch, they will definitely want me to choose the place. And all of them are patient enough to wait for me to come down from the stairs. Yes, the stairs.

At this point of my recovery, I am getting stronger in conquering the stairs. Much less pain to the knees. Only downside of it is that I strained the muscles which are not suppose to be strained. And this always happens to the side of the knees. Off and on there would be other pain like pain on the calves, hip and quads.

While I work on perfecting my balance in going up the stairs, I am also concentrating on going down the stairs. And this is the tough one. The pain is very much there. Sometimes more pain and sometimes lesser. When the muscles around the knees are tired, I have no other choice then to turn my body slightly sideway and get down the stairs. Well, at least I am getting down without a cane or a clutch. Not as bad.